SAAHA  2024

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Upcycled materials and transformation
It is obvious that the preservation of existing buildings contributes positively to achieving our sustainability goals and commitments. At the same time preserving buildings has often to do with preserving the identity of the place and cultural heritage of our cities as an important factor for continuity. 
/ Cinemateket, Dronningensgate 16

Timber architecture
The unique interplay of timber, daylight and human senses has led to overwhelmingly positive responses from users of our buildings. Together with customized layouts and versatile design, we ensure to meet the dynamic demands of modern work culture.
/ Finansparken i Stavanger

Small scale projects 
SAAHA aims to be the largest and the smallest office in the world. We strive to curate a network of partners contributing with unique knowledge and expertise. Regardless of the scale, we believe in collaborating with different networks of partners in order to achieve the best approach.
Skomakerstuen i Bergen

Bridges and infrastructure
We are focused on designing infrastructure that seamlessly connects people while infusing creativity into the built environment. By enhancing the architectural value of highly engineered structures, we contribute to the well-being of communities and earn recognition for our clients. Our design philosophy is deeply rooted in environmental respect.
/ Bybroen i Drammen

Urban development
When we work as planners we need to stop thinking as designers of the buildings and instead build communities. This is not entirely new to us as a professional group, but we must rediscover it as our primary role in society. And to do so in the context of environmental and social challenges. Therefore, resilience, resistance, but also density are some of the qualities a good urban development plan must possess.
/ Hegerneset

As architects we try to orchestrate future developments that enhance their intrinsic value. At the same time we must enable these buildings to perform well in the technical aspects and based on the future expectations and demands. Energy efficiency, air quality, acoustics and sufficient daylight are some of these aspects.
/ Grønnegata 10




Concluding this year with big leaps forward, the construction site now rises above the water’s edge. Four of the, as we call them “V-columns” that define the structure over the railway have been established on site, and the first segment of the bridge deck has been cast. Additionally, the first two stairs have been installed, offering a glimpse of the impressive urban connection seamlessly linking the bridge deck directly to the new tracks of the central station.
Anticipating an exciting 2024, we look forward to witnessing the next elements arise in place to soon define the shape of the Citybridge!


It’s great to start the new year with two of our projects nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture/ The Mies Van Der Rohe Award / Skomakerstuen Pavilion , Bergen and Finansparken , Stavanger.


We are happy to announce that Hotel MGallery (Tarcin Forest Hotel) is nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2019!



Boomerang and Jungel bridge were one of the 3 finalists for the Oslo Architecture Prize 2018Our bridges were shortlisted for the Oslo City Architecture Price in 2018. The project was a collaboration with Degree of Freedom engineers and Asplan Viak landscape architects (Landskapsfabrikken)