SAAHA is working on a wide range of architectural topics, from active involvement in urbanism and planning projects, creative solutions for complex and large building programs, to smaller living quarters, museum, and design projects. The ability to reinterpret situations and the task at hand are essential prerequisites for creating clarity, architectural distinction, and functional solutions leading to a successful project.

Our focus on the environment is present in all phases and aspects of a project. We take great pleasure in creating architecture. Through working closely with a large network of world leading consultants, we believe in innovation through interdisciplinary collaboration.

SAAHA has offices in Oslo (N) and Sarajevo (BiH). Thor Olav Solbjør and Adnan Harambasic, together with Kenan Brckalija, a partner in Sarajevo office (AHAKNAP), form the executive team involved in all projects.

The SAAHA office in Oslo has the Eco-Lighouse certification, which is Norway`s most widely used environmental management system. Read more about it here.  

We are certified users of Spacemakers, which is an Autodesk product, is a cloud-based AI software, empowering teams to collaborate, analyze and design real estate sites. Lower risk, faster projects.


SAAHA AS is an international architectural practice that aims to create sound and innovative projects.

Thor Olav Solbjør and Adnan Harambasic, architects behind HARVEST project - a finalist in the open international competition Nordic Built Challenge / Oslo, have joined forces and founded SAAHA.





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+387 61 109 418
Husrefa Redžića 1,
71000 Sarajevo

SAAHA  2023

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