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Tunga Trondheim


date:           2022

status:       Prequalified competition

type:           Mixed used, transformation

client:         Trondheim Areal AS

coll.:           Agraff Arkitektur

Trondheim Areal AS bought serval properties in 2020 with the purpose to transform and develop an industrial area in Trondheim to a lively district with innovation hubs.

Tunga in Trondheim has a long history of agriculture and food production. In todays world with increasing population and climate change, the topic of sustainable food production is more important than ever. In Norway where the access to soil is limited, we ask our selfs how to think of new solutions to existing local resources that can solve climate change problems.

This lead us to the concept of AGRORA -A Norwegian knowledge center for sustainable food production. A meeting ground where grassroots movements have the possibility to meet leading science and agriculture organisations, to connect on areas such as trading, development, education and science.

Climate neutral development  

It is important for the city and the area´s sustainable profile that transformation of Tunga occur within minimum environmental strain. It demands focus on a wide range for elements such as transportation, materials, surface water management and low energy consumption.