Kon-tiki museum


date:          2017

status:      sketch project 

type:          museum, addition

client:       Kon-tiki museum

coll.:          Gether A/S, Kaels studio

Kon-tiki future - addition to the existing Kon-tiki Museum in Oslo

Kon-tiki museum first opened in a provisional building in 1949 containing vessels and books from the original Kon-Tiki expedition of Thor Heyerdahl. The current building was designed by architects F. S. Platou and Otto Torgersen and opened to public in 1957.  The museum is situated near several other museums in the Bygdøy peninsula, including the Fram Museum; the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History; the Viking Ship Museum; and the Norwegian Maritime Museum.

Now the exhibition area hasn’t got enough space so our office were asked to design an addition.  Our goal was to design a self-sufficient and sustainable museum. We propose a transformation that creates an open and inviting entrance in connection with the other museums around. We add a multipurpose room,  a meeting room for about 250 people, which can be used for everything from temporary exhibitions to lectures and other types of events. The museum is designed to enable solar energy harvesting and is inspired by the expeditions' craft. With its active low-temperature energy concept, this transformed part of the building can have a Mediterranean climate all year round. We create a green space, an attraction in itself and a clear expression of Thor Heyerdahl's respect and love for nature.

SAAHA  2023

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