SAAHA  2024

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date:           2016

status:       schematic design

type:          mixed use, transformation

client:        Avantor as

coll.:           LALA

We are happy and proud to announce that SAAHA is the winner of the architecture competition for the development of Nydalsveien 32B - Nydalen in Oslo!

The project is a FutureBuilt competition with ambitious objectives for both the urban environment, architecture, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy management.

The competition aims to develop a proposal for how the historic  industrial building in Nydalsveien 32B can be preserved, whilst creating new spaces for homes and to create the opportunity for a more active and vibrant area.  

Through interpreting some of the building’s historic readable principles and logic, our winning entry “I love Nydalen” creates a robust and flexible framework for the project’s future development. The central nave is transformed into a greenhouse, a community room where residents can meet with each other and the public.

This is Nydalen’s grand hall and urban commons for both summer and winter. With low temperature active house concept the building’s nave can hold Mediterranean climate all year round. The project creates a lush, green space; an attractive destination; a room with unique qualities for all inhabitants and guests of Nydalen, all year round.

Already in late February with a few hours of sunshine, energy can be harvested and stored, thus our nave becomes an energy factory.

The project is developed in collaboration with Lala Tøyen, Degree of Freedom Engineers (DOF) and Gether AS.