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Drammen Bridges


date:          2018

status:     parallel commission 

type:          bridge

client:       drammen kommune

coll.:          Knight Architects, Degree ofOF, Asplan Viak

Both the City bridges and pedestrian bridges, respond to the character of the drama in a conscious manner.

The City, as it appears, is a good place to be and to live. Here is urban quality that promotes quality of life and provides a complete range to its residents. The City is changing and shows and underlines the enormous potentials of Drammens geography. Step by step, Drammen is transformed from an unpolished gem to a vibrant place that attracts visitors, business and residents.

The river is crossed in long, graceful leaps and the landing of the bridges is designed to contribute to urban life by improving and carefully rebuilding the riverbanks.

The bridges are modest and discreet but still beautiful. The structures is honest and easy to understand.

It has been very rewarding and professionally challenging to design Drammens new bridges.

We see this distinctive pair of bridges will be the perfect picture for the future of Drammen.