SAAHA  2024

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Bybrua i Drammen


date:            2018 - now

status:        detail design

type:            bridge

client:         drammen kommune

coll.:           Knight Architects,
                     Degree of Freedom,  
                     Asplan Viak , Norconsult, 

                     Light Bureau

The new Citybridge builds on the sense of Drammen, representing and amplifying the local identity.

The city of Drammen has spent great effort within the last decades to reinvent their city space, making it more attractive, functional and to create a stronger individual identity. 
The plowing river Drammenselva defines the greatest strength and gives the potential to redefine the heart of the city, with a new City bridge in its core.

When designing, we always strive for a successful balance between the user experience and the external appearance. The prior question refers to the overall atmosphere on the bridge, user comfort, tactile qualities of finishes, safety and vistas. It’s about new perspectives and unobstructed sightlines which allow to experience the character of a city by seeing its skyline. The latter refers to the bridge as a macroscopic object in this skyline. The sheer scale of a bridge makes it almost always a landmark structure, its visual appearance must therefore be in harmony with the surrounding urban landscape, its shaping being an obvious interpretation of the architectonic context.