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Bryn Footbridge


date:           2017

status:       possibility study

type:          bridge

client:        oslo kommune / bymiljøetaten

The study reviews the possibility to create crossing for cyclists and pedestrians over the road, railway and river Alna and establish the missing link in the pedestrian and bicycle route further along Alna towards the city centre. The situation is challenging as it is a very steep area. Our goal is to establish a continuous and safe route with optimal accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists.

The bridge can be divided into three parts. Main body is a continuous steel bridge from Fyrstikkbakken in the east over the railroad tracks to the west with two spans of 28 and 35m. Northern ramp provides access to the bridge from the road’s highest point. Spiral ramp and staircase that provide access to the west from the riverbank.

A special attention is devoted to the design of the three landing points of the bridge. On the top of Fyrstikkbakken in the east a viewing point is established enabling a view of the area to the west. Upon landing at Bryn a ramp for cyclists goes in a circular motion over the river. This enables universal design of the height difference, creating an interesting walking experience of the river, takes the least space and lands the bridge in a good place. A staircase for a short direct connect is placed adjacent to the ramp.