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Ankersvingen Annex


date:        2013

status:    complete

type:        housing

client:      private

The main objective of the annex is not to subordinate the existing house and not to seem further jutting out in the remote as well as immediate surroundings. At the same time, the volume and detailing are undoubtedly stating that this is a modern extension. The plot has a great location overlooking the Oslo Fjord, with good light and sun conditions, which we wanted to accentuate and retain.

The project is based on a modern design with lines and proportions that differ from the traditional main house on the site and other neighbouring houses. The main goal was to achieve harmony of the materiality and volume with the main house and to construct a harmonious unit. The flat roof of the extension helps to achieve the appearance of a smaller building volume and height. The annex is cladded in wood which colour best harmonises with the surrounding buildings.